Excursions – Texas

Our next Texas excursions to Hidden Falls are:


March 2020


May 2020


Texas 4×4 eXcursions (TX4x4X) schedules short 1 and 2 day trips to many of the great trails in the state.  Texas trips include Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Ketemcy Rocks near Mason, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area in Gilmer and Black Gap 4×4 Trail (Jeep Badge of Honor Trail) in Big Bend National Park.

Trips may include overnight stays which are not covered in the Excursion Fee.  TX4x4X has a list of preferred hotels and private accommodations that we share with our members upon request.

TX4x4X has a “No Man Left Behind” philosophy.  Mechanical failures occur when off-roading – you should expect it at some point.  When a member has a mechanical breakdown or is stuck, we will stop as a group and repair or recover the vehicle in distress.  No one will be left to fend for themselves!

We start each day with a drivers meeting that includes a refresher/tutorial on trail related topics.  Each day includes at least four hours on the trails, rain or shine.  We all travel the same trails as a group with radio communication for all provided by TX4x4X.  The Excursion Fee is $150.00 per vehicle per day.  Park fees and any required permits are the responsibility of the participating member.

TX4x4X also provides a commemorative video for each of our participating members.  The video documents our entire day, starting with the drivers meeting in the morning, 4 wheeling on the trails and all the interesting things that make our day unique.  Videos are fully edited, soundtracked, cinematic quality productions that will be a great momento from our day.  Videos are included for each vehicle in the Excursion Fee.

Required Equipment:

  • Four wheel drive vehicle
  • High clearance
  • 31” tires (33” to 35” recommended)
  • Bottle jack or Hi Lift Jack
  • Tools
  • First Aid kit

Strongly Suggested Equipment:

  • Winch
  • Self recovery kit (tow strap, tree saver, snatch blocks, etc.)
  • Spare parts (u-joints, axle shafts, etc. – especially those running Dana 30s with larger tires)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Clean up rags / oil absorbing towels / oil drain bucket
  • Vehicle fluids – oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc.

What you get:

  • Experienced trail guide familiar with the trails and park being run
  • Radio communication provided via handheld radios for each vehicle
  • Drivers meeting before the day starts with trail tips and education
  • Four hours on the trails – rain or shine
  • No Man Left Behind – we get everyone back off the trails
  • Video of the entire event including trail obstacle footage of each participating vehicle