Excursions – Cross Country

Our next cross-country trip is scheduled for September 2020 to Telluride, CO


We currently conduct two large, 6 day cross-country excursions per year departing from the Houston, TX area.  Our Spring excursion is to the Moab, UT area and our Fall excursion is to the Telluride/Ouray area.  The group of vehicles caravans from Houston (those not in Houston can join us along the route or at our first destination) to Santa Fe, NM.  We then spend two nights in Santa Fe enjoying the town and decompressing from the 12 hour drive.  On the third day, we leave for either Moab or Telluride.  Both destinations take about 6 hours from Santa Fe.  Once in Moab or Telluride, we will spend three days enjoying the local scenery – two days on the trails and one day doing local fun things (hiking, sightseeing, biking, etc.).  On the sixth day, everyone is free to explore some more on your own time or to head home.

The trip price changes for each trip based on accommodations and meals, but the average price is $5,000.00 per vehicle.  There is no limit to the people in a vehicle.  The vehicle fee includes the driver.  Each additional passenger in the vehicle adds $150.00 to the price.  For example, a family of four would be $5,450.00.

Our cross-country excursions include almost everything you’ll need on the trip except for gasoline and some meals.  We handle all accommodations (one room per vehicle included), we provide two large group dinners on the first night and the final night, we provide lunches for everyone on our trail days, we guarantee at least two days on the trails (rain or shine), we provide all radio communication between vehicles in the group, we leave NO offroader behind (everyone makes it off the trail), we provide ancillary activities for those who might not want to go on the trails (wineries, hiking, bike tours, national parks, etc.) and a few weeks following the trip we provide each vehicle with a professionally produced, cinematic video of the entire trip (roughly 30 minutes in length).  For those who collect (or want to learn about) Jeep Badge of Honor trails and badges, we can help you earn those as well.  We also have arranged for discounted repair services (stuff breaks on the trails) in the cities we travel to (Santa Fe, Telluride, Ouray, Moab, etc.).

One of the benefits of signing up for the cross country excursions is our pre-run event.   We schedule a “bolt check” event a couple of weeks in advance of our trip.  We test each vehicle’s mechanical soundness prior to getting on the road to Utah or Colorado.    We we check bolts, shocks, springs, clearances, conduct leak detection and search for any other problems on each vehicle that would need to be repaired or addressed before driving 3,000 miles round trip, in addition to the beating the trails can dish out on each vehicle.  We also spend about 30 minutes on reinforcing important trail techniques such as winching, treading lightly, trail protocol and basic spotting signals.

Please head to the “Contact Us” page and let us know that you’re interested in joining our next excursion.  Our next scheduled cross-country excursion will be in September 2020 to Telluride, CO to run Black Bear Pass, Ophir Pass, Engineer Pass, Imogene Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch.  Join us on the trails!!!